Trees may grow wild, branches reaching out in every direction with varying crooks and twists and knots. Yes, they may grow large, and wild, and unmanageable. I like to imagine that when we are born, a young sapling is planted, representing our relationships. Those we interact with most significantly become a branch that grows in its own direction. As we age, so the sapling does as well. As our relationships strengthen or break, our branches respond accordingly. Our lifesource, water for the branches and love for our relationships, transforms into growth. In different seasons or periods of conservation, you may step back to see that your lifesource is not enough to sustain all the branches. It’s time to trim the branches.

We have limits to how much we can give before we must internalize and receive. Water comes from the clouds, and you need it in order to feed your branches. When it hasn’t rained in a while, you may find that you have limited love to give. You can’t reach all the branches with your limited lifesource. Recognize who your strongest branches are. They may be the most crooked: those who you have fought wars beside, those you have wrestled with, those you have opened your heart’s scars and wounds to and who, in return, has shared their hearts with you. These are the branches to pour your lifesource into. These are the branches that will remain strong and growing as you grow.

Conversely, recognize the branches that are wilted, knotted, weak. Dead, damaged, diseased. These branches suck up your lifesource and give nothing in return. There is no fruit on these branches. They are incapable of returning your love or shading your roots from the harmful elements. They may be toxic relationships or they may be forgotten friendships. It is ok to let these branches go. Remember that when these relationships are freed, you are free to concentrate your love on those who are significant now in your life. Water flows more heavily to the remaining branches. You may mourn the loss of these branches for a while, and your tree may appear bear.  However it is evidence of life on the branches, not the amount of branches themselves, that reflect a healthy tree. Remember that these branches fall to the earth and the earth absorbs them, giving them over to new life and new love. As water is recycled, so is love in the universe. It starts with trimming the branches.


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